Take this quiz to see if trauma treatment is for you.

Please note, this quiz is not meant to be diagnostic. It is only meant to be a guide. Presence of trauma symptoms does not always indicate a diagnosis of PTSD.  Please consult with clinician for official evaluation and diagnosis.


If you said yes to any one of these questions, trauma treatment might be for you.  A higher number of yes responses may indicate a presence of complex trauma.

Trauma has a very broad definition here at Brighter
Minds Therapy. Trauma can occur from painful
relationships, single traumatic events, ongoing
stress, religious upbringing, childhood experiences,
and much more. It can range from simple to
complex, and all types of trauma experiences are
welcome here. If you notice a tendency to worry,
isolate, feel hopeless, feel shame, feel numb,
struggle with disordered eating habits, have
perfectionistic tendencies, thoughts of not being
good enough, mood swings, or a variety of other
symptoms that often feel impossible to overcome,
then trauma healing is probably for you.

#1. Have you, or has someone you know experienced a distressing event that left you feeling immensely anxious or depressed?

#2. Have you experienced a natural disaster or mass traumatic event?

#3. Have you experienced the death of a loved one?

#4. Do you have someone in your life who has exhibited either bullying behavior, intimidation, verbal abuse, anger outbursts, or manipulation?

#5. Have you experienced a separation or divorce, either of your parents or your own relationship?

#6. Do you have family members or close friends with significant mental health concerns?

#7. Have you witnessed or experienced abuse of any kind? This could be physical, emotional, or sexual.

#8. Did you have an unreliable parent or gaurdian?

#9. As a child were you required to take on adult responsibilities resulting in loss of normal childlike carefree experiences?

#10. Were you raised in a rigid, fear-based, or controlling religion that resulted in you feeling severe anxiety or depression?

#11. Do you have family members addicted to drugs or alcohol, or who were previously addicted to drugs or alcohol?

#12. Did you experience emotional or physical neglect as a child?

#13. Do you regularly struggle to feel safe and relaxed?

#14. Have you experienced fear of being hurt by a loved one?

#15. Do you often question if you are loved or wanted?

#16. Do you often have nightmares of a distressing event that occured?

#17. Do you have anxiety attacks and are uncertain of the cause?

#18. Do you struggle to trust others?

#19. Do you have periods of your life without memory? Or have such vivid memory of distressing events it is hard to focus?

#20. Do you have trouble sleeping?