Think about the things you worry about…. When I worry, I start thinking things like “What if every decision I’ve ever made is wrong?” “What if I think I’m a good person, but I’m actually a bad person?” “What if I fail?”  “What if no one agrees with the decisions I make?”  If I step back and observe these thoughts, I notice immediately that that dialogue comes from a place of self-doubt. Self-doubt tries to keep me safe… it tries to keep me vigilant so I don’t make mistakes; it tries to keep me perfect so that no one is ever disappointed in me; it tries to help me avoid ever having to deal with the consequences of not being good enough. But… Self-doubt is a cage. It keeps us locked in our fears and never lets us expand if we abide by its rules.

I consciously choose to acknowledge my thoughts driven by self-doubt, but to never let them develop limitations and barriers.  I choose to develop trust of my inner wisdom and believe in my unlimited potential despite self-doubt.  I choose to give myself space to grow, to make mistakes and then to learn from them.  I choose to take risks without knowing for sure if I will be successful. Because if I don’t, I will always be small.  I will always wonder “what if?” instead of giving myself the ability to say “I did.”

Give yourself permission to act without first being perfect, or to act without first knowing for certain what will happen.  It can be scary, but sometimes fear is an indication that something exciting is about to happen. New does feel intimidating, but that doesn’t mean it is bad.  Be mindful of the voices you listen to- the inner voices and the external.  Never let someone who makes small decisions in their own life hinder your expansion. Never let the inner dialogue of self-doubt keep you from believing you are more capable than you know.  I truly believe that if you open to the universe, it will open to you. Open your arms and welcome what life has for you… I know it will be beautiful.

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