Easy Steps to Increase Your Joy Today

Let’s talk about some easy ways to increase your joy! It can be harder than it sounds, especially when living in a pandemic and facing economic and political stressors!  I often hear my clients talk about how overwhelmed they feel by life’s demands and therefore seem to have little time for engaging in activities that bring them joy.  As an adult running my own business and wanting everything to go just right, I sometimes have a hard time justifying “fun things” when my to-do list is longer than feels manageable. In addition to this, my perfectionistic tendencies kick in and I think, “If I just get one more thing done, I will feel less stressed!” However, the truth is, our brains don’t work like that.

By engaging perfectionistic tendencies and never stopping with the to-do lists, we unknowingly train our brain to stay preoccupied and have a harder time relaxing. For example, have you ever sat down to read, soaked in a bath, or tried meditation and just found it impossible to focus?  That is because our high-paced culture has generated restless minds.  To feel less stressed we need to actively practice peace and silence. Engaging in activities that bring us joy is a really good way to do that. The more we practice joyful activities, the easier it is to feel joy and happiness and the more we distract our minds from the endless to-do lists, the easier our brain can experience peace.

Here is a list of my favorite activities that increase joy in my life:

  1. Spend time with my animals playing and cuddling
  2. Read a book just for fun
  3. Go on a walk and focus on the sunshine giving warmth to my body
  4. Ride a bike
  5. Play a board game with friends or family
  6. Do a craft or an art project
  7. Spend time with a friend
  8. Listen to a funny podcast

Click the attachment below to get a comprehensive list of pleasurable activities

What are some of your favorite activities that bring joy to your life?

Happiness Increasing Activities

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